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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

open mouth, insert sequined covered foot.

when i told pmk and jb today i got the clap, their jaws dropped. after a moment they realized what i was trying to say, in std free language.

let me explain...

it's no secret i have a shoe fetish. i find great delight in co-workers noticing my adorable footwear. the geeks never do. which is fine, they are after all geeks...and men. there's the cutest chinese woman who works with me. everytime she likes my shoes she squeals with glee and claps her hands. i love it!

so when i wore my new "who needs ballet lessons when you can buy the best part" shoes, she clapped.


slcup said...

I'll clap! God knows I love a cute shoe.

Annie, The Evil Queen said...

That is hysterical. Who doesn't love cute shoes? Really. I'm shocked they aren't pink.