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Friday, February 02, 2007

the british invasion

as i previously mentioned the company i work for was acquired by a much larger company. this new company is british. in the past i have embraced and loved all things british: ak’s wife, hobnobs, obnoxious union jack clothing, the beatles and sex pistols. after this week, however, i’m starting to feel a bit less loving towards the brits.

there have been a lot of changes lately, and as many of you know i’m not good with change. i tend to lean towards stability. yeah, yeah…”change is exciting”, blah blah—i don’t buy it.

today my beloved mac was replaced by a pc (gasp!). i held my little lois one last time giving her a little rub on her special spot, when the british computer guy ripped her from my hands. but, I don’t give up so easy. i held on for dear life. he finally gave me a very threatening look and firmly told me to let go. so what did i do? i did my best to embrace the change and let go. although, i did write her name with a sharpie on the bottom, when he wasn't looking; her next owner deserves to know what to call her.

i have a feeling i’m in for a very bumpy ride.


mikey said...


A black day indeed. You will hate life as a M$FT drone, doomed like millions of other indentured sheep, with no choice but to endure hours of pain with a second-rate operating system.

But there's a silver lining-- uh, you klnow, silver-gray... well, okay kind of a dull gray... okay, I'm lying, you're totally screwed.


Justin 2 said...

On several occasions, when I worked next-door to the London Market, I ate a whole roll of HobNobs for lunch. I'm not proud of it, but I would do it again.

Pete Dunn said...

You can't just take a person's Mac away. I'm certain that was actually what the Boston Tea Party was all about.

Bob said...

Sounds like ddr got out at the right time....