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Sunday, February 11, 2007

sunday bloody sunday

my cousin had her baby blessed this morning at church. ben and i were supposed to be there at 9:00. we both overslept and didn't make it. i text him when i woke up and told him we were the worst cousins ever, but at least well rested ones. he agreed and i imagine went right back to sleep.

not only am i bad with mornings, but i'm bad with religion. i get so bored at church. i just don't have the attention span for it. i sit and think about all the other stuff i could be doing. which is why i think someone needs to create iChrist. think, podcast religion--i could be spiritually enlightened while at the gym, grocery shopping or even at sbux.


Brian said...

Most Starbucks are wi-fi/hot spots now anyway right? There's plenty of religion to be had online, in fact I think one can even be ordained in the church of your choice...for a nominal fee. Is there nothing we can't do online these days? ;)

Jeff said...

Very interesting!! Ben then proceeding to wake up and go golfing.