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Saturday, February 10, 2007

how the movie industry ruined my life:

i saw the wedding date today. when i heard the line "i'd rather fight with you than make love with anyone else" i realized this is why i'm single. hearing cheesy classic lines like that and never hearing them in life has forever ruined me. damn actors!


Ryan Hawley said...

it's the writers! The actors are just as lame (or more) than the rest of us! It's too easy to put 'perfect' into text and script.

But i think the whole fairytale-istic situations can exist. ... to a certain point anyway. .. it's just it rarely, if ever, is a mutual fairytale. One side or the other is bound to be an a-hole and frack it up.

ryan hawley (the non-googlized one) said...

..zomg. sucks even harder now that google has taken control of it.

yur buddy said...

"You compete with me"

(Maybe I should have added the L and deleted the with)

J said...

now you know where I got my tagline.

All women have the love life they want.