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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

why i hate sci-fi tv:

flowers, my least favorite co-worker today, pointed out my pants remind him of star trek. since i've never actually seen an entire episode, i had to google it to prove just how wrong he was.

but, he wasn't.


slcup said...

I love your pants. I have a very similar pair that I too wear with knee-high boots. Screw him.

Adoring Stranger said...

While they do look alike, who cares? Ignore the comments and stay as fabulous as well all know you are!

theorris said...

You just need the flare at the bottom and you too will be James T-riffic

Anonymous said...

HA HA, you DO work with a bunch of geeks!!

Mikeymikemike said...


Well, if you'd properly maintained your Star Trek figurine collection, this wouldn't have to happen.

Check this, yo:


Sofi said...

Your pants are super cute.

This may shock you, but I have a coworker who is a Trekkie, and has been known to wear Star Trek uniforms to work. Not for Halloween, but for important events, such as Spock's birthday.

Jennyjenjen said...

I've been told that as well when I wear my pants like that. At least we have style, and we're HOT!

That One Guy said...

hope, he weren't wrong... not at all...

oh no he wwwaahhnt... Z-snaps to you...


Mark said...

After contemplating _several_ amusing responses to this that involved both Star Trek characters and scenarios, I decided not to cry nerd. I'll just leave it with a 'laugh'.

sarahbellum said...

slc princess: thank you, don't worry i'm not concerned with their idea of fashion, not a bit!

stranger: why, thank you.

theorris: hush.

anon: that's what i've been saying!!!

mikey: gross.

sofi: that is why i maintain you work with the best/worst people.

jen: agreed.

one guy: you too, shush. is that girl you're speaking??

mark: yes, keep a low nerd profile.