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Sunday, October 22, 2006

defining orrin

i saw this while running errands this morning and had to post it:

Pronunciation: 'lI(-&)r
1. noun :a person who tells lies


demdem said...

A sight to behold.

El_Viajero said...

That's awesome. I half expected that the ballot would list only Hatch's name and that I'd have to write in Ashdown's name when I voted last week. (Perhaps there is a congenital defect that prevents the majority from seeing the other candidates on the ballot for the Senate seat?)

That One Guy said...

Was this on 13th east at 3300 south? I saw this a few days ago, and by the time I had turned around to take a pic with my phone, there was a campaign sign dude out there changing it out for a new one...

The sign dude said that all he does is go around changing out the "ruined" signs for fresh new ones. Good thing Orrin has so much money.

Crack me up.

Melliferous Pants said...

This is so true it makes my bosom burn.

sarahbellum said...

demdem: you should have seen the one i didn't post!

el viajero: i can't decide about voting early. i like the excitement voting day carries.

one guy: yup. it was there yesterday afternoon, when did you see it being taken down?

pants: anything to make your bosom burn!