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Friday, October 27, 2006

"reunited and it feels so good":

(my camera phone sucks: you will be reunited with an old friend today.)
this was my fortune from today's lunch at cafe trang. interesting.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, indeed because I know who you went to lunch with!!

Jennyjenjen said...

If that isn't a sign if I've ever seen one! ;)

linden said...

" bed"

sarahbellum said...

anon: everyone knows who i had lunch with! that's right folks, return of the straight gay SCOTT!

jen: if only you did get here the day of the fortune. i'll settle for scott...for now.

linden: i waited and waited all night and there wasn't anyone in my bed. i'm pissed! i love the 'in bed' game. i used to add it to the end of all the hymn titles in church meetings.

Tommy said...

I think it was talking about me! After all, I flew 2,100 miles to see you :)

sarahbellum said...

tommy: <3