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Sunday, October 01, 2006

a whole new level of crazy!

ak and i dragged flyboy along to see the movie flyboys with us this weekend. it was supposed to be a group date so i could write about it, but everyone flaked. whatever.

we grabbed a quick bite of dinner beforehand. i still had some of my drink left so i brought it along, i needed the caffeine for a two and a half hour movie. before going inside the movie we stopped for a quick potty break. not wanting to take my drink inside, i left it with flyboy. i specifically asked him to hold it for me so i didn't have to take it inside the restroom. i came out to find no flyboy. i looked around just in time to see him coming out of the men's room carrying MY DRINK!! i was horrified, absolutely horrified! bathroom germs totally freak me out! i went to throw the drink out when flyboy stopped me. he kept it for himself but quickly bought me a new one to keep the level of nutty girl low.

when we got inside the movie with a new drink ak started laughing. apparently when he came out of the restroom there was a couple fighting out the drink incident. he couldn't understand what the big deal was--she, of course, could. what are the chances of two equally neurotic people being in the same theater?!


Jen said...

diet coke + bathroom = totally gross.
I'm glad he bought you a new diet coke to get through the long movie.

Bring on the Germs said...

You women are all nuts, so the chances are pretty high! Your all germ freaks.

Journey Fan said...

I'm glad he bought you a new drink. I don't trust anyone who hates Journey.