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Saturday, October 28, 2006

remaining the good auntie

i made the trek to utah county today to meet my mom, holli, and the twins for lunch. i cannot believe how big the kids are getting. i also cannot believe carter touched me with his crocs! he is the only male alive i would let get away with that.

now that's real love.

in retribution i taught them the proper way to trick-or-treat, adding in the smell my feet part. why is it parents always forget that?


ryan said...


Seriously.. crocks? who the holy hell wears them and actually thinks they're cool?

wow. .. anyway.. i'm glad i found your blog! so UT women actually blog? i'm your newest fan!

croc fan said...

Pink & blue kid crocs are cute! U R wrong this time.

pmk said...

I wore mine (green) around outside after being forced into mandatory yard work today. Came in handy in the mud and snow. Now they are brown.

Anonymous said...

Love or INSANITY!!!!!!!

Bob said...

I understand you blew off DDR's fondue party for that.

-Bob, aka a figment of ddr's caffiene-deprived imagination

Sofi said...

You know, I think of you everytime I see a pair of those nasty, nasty crocs. Luckily, they're not very popular in South Beach.

I just think it's funny that you're now synonymous with Croc's.

sarahbellum said...

ryan: i'll have you know i had to look up ZOMG, remember i don't speak geek!!
welcome, i need fans.

croc fan: no crocs are cute crocs. duh.

pmk: freak.

anon: both.

bob: that i did. i always choose the option that provides me with gifts! I AM SMART, SMRT!

sofi: there's your states new slogan: florida--we don't allow crocs. great, my fame is dependent on ugly shoes!