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Monday, October 23, 2006

"wake up"

i try and walk the one-eyed pug nightly. i pretend it's not exercise and actually an opportunity for daisy to shit in other people's yards. the length of our walks depends entirely upon whether or not i remember my ipod. (might be easier if i had three like orrin hatch.) completely opposite of what 'normal' logic might suggest, bringing along music shortens the walks. despite every attempt not to sing along i can't stop myself, after long stares from fellow walkers i immediately turn around and walk home in shame.

after yesterdays humiliating rendition of a paul anka song, i've decided to revamp the 'pod before letting it out of the house again. so, today we took a long leisurely walk and i paid attention to my surroundings, giving me the chance to see a man in front of me literally stop and smell the roses. you know, i don't think i've ever noticed someone doing that--in fact i've never even noticed the rosebush the many times i've walked my neighborhood.

maybe, just maybe, next time i will.


a real paul anka fan said...

Paul Anka?

Isn't he a bit outdated for a youngster like yourself?

Dave said...

i hope it wasn't "you're having my baby".

Rob said...

I was out very late putting up signs. I was somewhere near the top of Antelope Drive when I lookede up and became overwhelmed. I looked down and noticed my shadow. My shadow was there due to the light of some far off star.

I was pretty cool.

Think of what we miss by not looking up, or down.

sarahbellum said...

a real fan: everyone can appreciate anka. he's a true artist.

dave: nope.

rob: maybe we should both start paying attention...

Rob said...

I said lookede!


I am awake Sarah.