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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

david sedaris endorses sim gill

for no other reason than sim being indian. really, that's all it takes for sedaris, because as he said "it would be cool to say your DA is from india". if it's good enough for sedaris, it's good enough for me!

as usual, he was brilliant last night. this is the third time i've seen him, and it just gets better each time. when my planned date flaked on me, i asked my dearest marjorie to go. since she decided to break my heart by getting married and moving to utah county i don't see her often. it was a joyful occasion, celebrated with wine and dinner at red rock.luckily, we were able to arrive quite a bit before the show, giving us the opportunity to speak with him for a few minutes as he signed my book. as i often am when star struck, i could not form complete sentences, rather drooling over my talented hero. marj took over when she realized it was entirely possible i was going to jump into his arms rather than speak. she saved the moment of silence by pointing out he signed a cock--what she meant was a rooster on the front of his audio cd's. we laughed, and at that point i was able to once again speak.

he drew a picture of marj puking on my book, fitting as she is knocked up. when she told him so, instead of offering congratulations he immediately asked her last name. interesting.during his reading i nearly peed my pants multiple times, and frankly urine is how i determine a comedic success. also, by the end of the evening my stomach hurt from laughing so hard--that i'll consider a workout!


theorris said...

The last time I saw him was up in Ogden with my then girlfriend. He was very interested in our relationship and quized us thoroughly before we could get all the books signed. He certainly doesn't let celebrity go to his head.

It was also cool that he was hanging out in front of the theater smoking before the show. Not many recognized him.

Me speak pretty never said...

I was there and thought I saw a glimpse of you. Now I know it was the infamous Sarahbellum. Great pix of you and your friend. You both have beautifl eyes.

I laughed a lot, but no peeing.

noname said...

I've never heard of the guy but be assured I'll read him now. Anyone that can be measured in urine is someone looking into. Good postage.

Anonymous said...

You walked right past me in the lobby. I almost said something, but didn't.

Glad you enjoyed the show.

---The Toad

ak said...

you and the bardge look great... and thanks for the invitation...

by the way was david sedaris serious about moving to Tokyo? and does he realize you cant smoke there either?

a pretty lamb said...

I'm going to be a sheep in the flock. I too saw you last night. Great boots,BTW! That's an infectious laugh you have there. I saw you at the candy counter giggling, I'm dying to know what the funny was.

Anonymous said...

Ooops, sorry midge, I mean "the mardge".honestly a typo not a subconcious reference to your knocked up condition.

sarahbellum said...

theorris: the ogden reading is the only utah one i've missed. no explanation needed.

me speak pretty: you didn't pee? what's wrong with you?

no name: he's a must read.

toad: you suck, again no explanation needed.

ak: he explained the smoking rules.

pretty lamb: uncomfortable boots, but cute. i was laughing at the choice of candy. they were selling cummings chocolate. come on, at a sedaris event? that's funny!

anon: thanks for clarification, brat.

Melliferous Pants said...

I adore David Sedaris!