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Thursday, October 26, 2006

NOT aging gracefully

one week from today i'll turn 31. i can no longer hide from it. today, while spending three hours in the dental chair getting a root canal, i couldn't help but think: this is the beginning of the end-- is this really what i have to look forward to? what's next a broken hip, arthritis and constipation? what crap, no pun intended.


Jennyjenjen said...

Contrary to your belief, I believe you are aging gracefully and are more beautiful then ever. With that said, your next care package will be filled with a walker, some Aleve and ex-lax. Only the best for my girl!

Your friendly pharm tech said...

Lortab is your friend. I helped you at the drugstore today. You looked pretty swollen but I still recognized from the Tribune. Hope you iced your jaw like I suggested. Come back and say hello to us when you feel better.

Anonymous said...

Aleve works better and isn't addictive. FYI.

Anonymous said...


Try pushing 40 my dear. That's tough.

I am sooooo old - and not that cool kinda old . The kinda creepy old.

---The Toad

sarahbellum said...

jen: you have to say that, it's your job as my bestest sister friend.

pharm tech: i'm feeling much better, thanks.

anon: but does it make you fuzzy? i think not.

toad: i happen to like creepy old, enter pmk, jb, and ak!