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Thursday, October 05, 2006

avoiding red flags: a lesson in futility, column 10.5.06

want to read more about my attraction to red flags? go here!


You know who! said...

You and your sick twisted addiction.

Lincoln said...

I grinned like a little school girl when you said he sounded hot..."newscaster hot!" Woohoo!!!

Annie, The Evil Queen said...

Very high creep factor, but at least your scored an apron.

sarahbellum said...

you know who: sick and twisted to you is fantastic to me!

lincoln: that line is entirely your fault. i've been watching your clips. obviously.

annie: apron and more! a more cherished gift of pumpkin latte goo. totally worth the creep factor!

YUR Lying BuDDy said...

Come on Sarah, he deserves another chance.

Nobody is perfect, no wonder you're still single.

ak said...

What's the big deal? He thinks he likes you and seeks you out... Creepy or romantic?