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Friday, October 13, 2006

our office

the british turned american television series, the office, is gaining popularity so my friends always want to discuss the latest episode. i'll admit, the show is pretty funny, but if they turned my office into a mockumentary it would kill their ratings. seriously. it's oddly entertaining here. just today we had gg, the safety manager, cleaning mountain dew wearing bio-hazard gloves. come on, mountain dew just eats your tummy not the floors.

my favorite are the little gems i hear throughout the day. i'm going to start posting them, because some they are too good to ignore.

last week, pmk walked up to me and said, “did you see how the mounting rack turned out?” we all know i'm a little perverted, so when i hear things like that i can't supress my dirty giggles, nor should i be expected to!


stac said...

You remind of that EELS song, Dirty Girl. Have you ever heard it? Hello, theme song!

Mikey said...

Daear Ms. Bellum--

One of our engineers came into the office all upset and said "I rear-ended my mom this morning."

We advised him to please keep that kind of thing to himself. There are certain ideas I don't want in my head at all.


sarahbellum said...

stac: oh, it's been the sarah song for quite some time!

mikey: are you sure JB doesn't work with you??