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Thursday, October 26, 2006

the one with the gun, column 10.26.06

for this week's column click here. while you're there, check out the new features on the website. there are archives now, in case you want to catch up. also user comments, so let the editor know you're reading! speaking of the editor, he and the staff have come up with some great halloween costume ideas, including how to dress up as me! read that one here.


Linden said...

a) I'm curious if you could be more specific about the danger your officer date pointed out. Without, y'know, revealing anything specific about where you live. 'Cause that wouldn't be safe, either.

FWIW, my next door neighbor has been broken into twice in the last three years. Both times when nobody was home. One of the hazards of city living, I guess.

b) My costume for this year? Steve Irwin. Complete with stingray and bloody chest wound.

Ogdenite said...

You and your fondness for pink. Where does one look for a pink gun?

Great article but you should date the cop. Him owning a gun isn't a good enough reason for you to stop. The protection might be nice with all this attention youve been gathering. You won't hear me saying I see you around town. My town is Ogden and I can't imagine you going there if Layton was to far.

That staff for IN weekly made me laugh too. I enjoy thursdays for more than the prefriday holiday now.

Keep rockin

coffee girl said...

LOVE LOVE IT! Can I have his number?

Anonymous said...

LOL @ cop talk.

I won't be dressing like you for Halloween, but I will offer to be one of your many dates.

sarahbellum said...

a)the usual: burglary, car theft, rape. thank god, no pug kidnappings. whew.
b)i'm going as myself. i didn't know what to wear, but luckily the IN staff gave me one more reason for sbux.

ogdenite: hey, i went to ogden once this summer!

coffee girl: have a thing for cops?!

anon: thanks, i need all the dates i can get!

tgi56 said...

S-Bellum, You are way to picky.....that Cop-guy sounds like the real deal. Can't believe you give up so quick...go figure!!!