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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

wishful voting

in an effort to make an educated vote, quinn-diesel and i were reading through the voting pamphlet he received in the mail. it reminded me there are two votes i'm not able to make that i really, really wish i could:

diane turner who is running for county council, district 3.
to read the tribune's endorsement of diane click here. &

rob miller who is running for davis county commission, seat a.
to read rob's campaign blog click here.


Anonymous said...

Why can't you vote for TUrner?

cg said...

Rob's HOT!

Rob said...

I am?

Thanks for the endorsement Sarah.

dennis said...

I'm in Diane's district. I'll vote for her just for you. It will in essence be your vote. Hows that?

UTAH REpub said...

I once was a proud Republican but I've started to question my political beliefs. I live in district three and I'm as a semi-retured Republican going to vote for Diane Turner over David Wilde. He had his chance and let me down.

I hope she can bring a much needed change to this area.

West side said...

Sorry Rob but I live in Taylorsville. I saw people with Turner signs near my house. I honked and voted for her.

ak said...

They would certainly have my vote if they were in my district - We have to keep Karen Morgan in office in District 46 - please vote!

By the way, whats that streak above the "i" in Diane's logo?


I need to see if I can vote early.

Becase I am excited I have the opportunity to vote Robert Miller and plan to take advantage.

Anonymous said...

I'm in West Jordan I think thats district 3. How can I find out. I want to start voting so I regsterd this sumer coz I hate Orin Hatch.

If u find my district is hers I'l vote her.

ryan said...

well. .. it's no secret why the most intelligent people in our society stay away from politics.

noobs. .. they're what's to vote for.
(either party)

Anonymous said...

I'm voting Diane Turner. Sorry Rob don't live where I can vote for you. Sarahbellum out of all the people why are you choosing these two just wondering?

Anonymous said...


father nature said...

It's time to let Wilde go back into the wild. Cut him free. Bring on the next Diane.

sarahbellum said...

anon: wrong district.

cg: doesn't he remind you of sex in the city's mr. big??

rob: you're welcome!

dennis: that's awesome!!! i can say i voted turner!!

repub: she won't let you down.

west side: very, very cool!!!

ak: not sure what that is, but it certainly evokes conversation, doesn't it?

happy voter: rob will appreciate your vote!


ryan: i'm ignoring you. sorta.

anon: they're the qualified.

anon: blah...

father nature: awesome!!