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Sunday, November 05, 2006

"the republican difference"?

thank god for camera phones--it would have been a real shame to let this one go by unseen!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

But they sprayed it on backwards, which sort of takes some of the bite out of the criticism.

ryan said...

wow.. that's pretty strong (and pretty lame in my book). Maybe it's just my interpretation of what that Swastika really means. Kind of surprising.

Classic, no answers or solution, just vandalism. Weak sauce if you ask me.

it's things like this that make me very glad that i'm not affiliated with either party.

Mikey said...

Dear Ms. Bellum--

At least they didn't use a swastika. Of course, as a previous commenter pointed out, if they had flipped over their stencil, they would have made a swastika. Hm, I guess the message is a little muddy on this one.


PS-- I'm at the airport, flying to SLC this morning. Dang, I hope the weather is better there than here.

h.justin said...

I was at Gateway yesterday. I bought running shoes and saw Borat. Did you see the movie too? You should have said hello, but have to agree that generally stalking is more entertaining.

Be sure to vote for Orrin Hatch on Tuesday, November 6th!

ryan said...

Just to clarify, not to cause a flame war or anything.. but, a Swastika is a Swastika, backwards or not. Although, it does change meaning depending on the orientation, i'm sure the noobs who did this don't have enough intellect to know any difference. It's remains a symbol of racist hate and intolerance.

I see the point/protest of the vandalism. I just think it's ignorant is all.

d said...

Bellum, despite the outrage from this ryan I think it's funny you noticed it and posted it. I am laughing and somehow I think that was your intent.


Jared said...

Ha HA It's backwards. Meaning god best the Republican party. (see wikipedia)

Anonymous said...

Be nice Sarah, I like to restrict my gay friends. Lavar + Buttars

REpub said...

I'm an elephant and still laughing. The Democrats can't even vandalize a sign with class. HA HA HA!!!!!!

wild card said...


sarahbellum said...

anon: me too!

anon: it's still funny, at least to me.

ryan: ***************

mikey: how long in town for? email me. i owe you.

hjustin: we saw prestige and i was still sorta hurting from the night before.

d: good call, that's all it was intended to be...funny.

jared: "god best"??

anon: funny!

repub: be nice!

wild card: see, you get it!

Anonymous said...

Hey there, long time reader first time posting...I'm a fan.

Mabey I'm a stiff, but I kind of think this is offensive. I'm as good natured as anyone, but the swastika is no joke in my mind.

sarahbellum said...

anon: thanks for posting, and i'm sorry if you find this post offensive. i was just so shocked to see it, i had to share.

thanks again for reading!

ak said...

I didnt know Christensen was buddhist.