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Friday, November 03, 2006

coping with the bday date dilemma, column 11.2.06

to read my column on birthday drama go here. and for the record i'll take a wedding cake over a dubya cake anyday!


ryan said...

uhm. would you rather have a john kerry cake?

both seem rather ghey to me.

i hope you enoyed your day anyway. bdays are tough sometimes i guess.


linden said...

2) New date.

Not scared by any apparent "desperation", so I'd volunteer, but it's probably too late, huh?

Anonymous said...

Birthday cake, wedding cake what's the difference? It's all frosting.

Dtown said...

Killer column. You tell it so truthfully, it's tough to worry about birthday dates while concerned and upset over the aging process. Can't wait to hear if you did find that special date.

Anonymous said...

Did you overdose on cake? Where have you been? I NEED YOUR POSTS TO SURVIVE!!!

Mikey said...

Dear Sarah--

Super-duper happy happy birthday birthday!! (Two exclamation points.) Thirty-one-ish is an awesome birthday, they just get better and better. Awoo.


Bob said...

A Friend of mine got a card personally signed birthday card from the President. His sister's then-fiancee was a White House Intern at the time.

No word on what the intern had to do in exchange for the signature... :)

sarahbellum said...

ryan: i always prefer donkey cake to elephant cake.

linden: it's NEVER too late!

anon: price, that's the only diff.

dtown: thanks! read this week's column for date info!

anon: birthday recovery!

mikey: thanks much!

bob: i'd frame it, then throw soft rotten fruit at it!

Chris Abraham said...

I am so proud to have supplied the Bush Birthday Cake image :)