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Thursday, November 02, 2006

thanks and i hate you!!!

my brothers, being the brilliant smartasses that they are, planned a little birthday surprise for me today: a wedding cake at the office. apparently they've given up hope i'll marry and have taken matters into their own hands. geez, people will do anything to get a good slice of cake!

here are a two videos of my niece and i cutting the cake---courtesy of quinn-diesel and ddr:


jb said...

. . . a deer in the headlights.

Anonymous said...

Your brothers are jerks and funny at the same moment! Happy birthday bride!

Q said...

"31" (with a glare AND a finger) I love it.

Happy Birthday Sarah. :-)

possible groom? said...

Your redhead neice is to die for! I like that shes in all pink. Did you dress her????

I laughed so hard at these clips. Thanks to your family for giving us something entertaining to watch.

My favorite part is "Angie u got married how do you cut through the ribbon"! I had to watch that part 3x.

Anonymous said...


U look cute for being so single! How freaking funny this is!!!

Impressed said...

You are so cool. Way to handle a funny-mean prank gracefully! Don't let the single thing get to you. I think you're wonderful and evry blog makes my day!

Keep up the good work Birthday girl!


ryan said...

nice vids!

heh, only in Utah would ppl think being 30+ is out of the ordinary.

i swear people here need to look at life outside the state line!

PS: you're older than me now :P

Rob said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!

theorris said...

On my 31st my friends threw me a funeral. Some friends. A wedding cake is positively polite in comparison.

Anonymous said...

Your voice is deep sexy. Post more vids!

ak said...

Happy birthday! You are looking great for a utah spinster!

Sofi said...

Happy Birthday! Keep hope alive, I'm still unmarried at 37, and it doesn't suck.

Candace said...

Haha....Happy Birthday Sugarbum! :)
Ben told me about the cake....too funny. Love you tho!

Richard Watson said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
yeah, you don't know me, but I'm a friend of Rob Miller's.
But hey...nice Cake and Happy b-day.

leash said...

i miss that wheezing laugh! (not yours). happy birthday! i watched the video a few times so it felt like i had hung out with you.

sarahbellum said...

jb: yeah, thanks for warning me!

anon: they're the best!

q: thanks quinn-dickle!

possible groom: i'm glad you laughed, i certainly did! oh, and hannah IS to die for!

anon: um, thanks?

impressed: thank you for the kind words!

ryan: older and cuter!!

rob: thanks!

theorris: oh, you soooo win! or at least your friends do!

anon: thanks, i think.

ak: shut it, old man.

sofi: thanks, we are keeping hope alive!

candice: ben is oh so funny! hey, thanks for coming out friday!

richard watson: why thank you!

leash: it's a keeper, for sure!