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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

pete ashdown, the better looking candidate.

it's pete ashdown blog day.

my fellow slc bloggers will cover the real reasons why he deserves our vote, and since the important topics can be read at their sites, i thought i would share with you my reasons to vote pete.

it's simple really, it comes down to the packaging. i will buy nearly anything that has fantastic packaging. sure, what's inside sorta counts but the outside look is what gets me. i admit, i'm a packaging whore.

with that in mind, look at this little goodie.... while the opposition, orrin's too busy molesting little michael j. fox to, don't get me started on orrin's fashion sense, or lack thereof. i think ethan has covered that extensively.


Anonymous said...

LOL, only you Sarah. Only you.

t. said...

Does the sign behind Teen Wolf's head recommend that we vote for Pedicures? Because, I'll ride THAT bus!

sarahbellum said...

anon: umm...thanks?

t: you and me both. by the way, nice to have you back. ditch the girlfriend and come see me.

Hatch Hater said...


slcup said...

packaging whore - just another reason why we're meant to be

Melliferous Pants said...

Orrin Hatch gives me the creeps and blogger has been giving me trouble. ARgh!

Democratic Sam said...

Thank you for your post, I think.

theorris said...

Arn owns 10,774 ties: one for each day he has been in the Senate. That powder blue jobby is a beaut.

sarahbellum said...

hatch hater: thanks!

princess: add it to the ever growing list.

pants: blogger and orrin, both have some issues.

dem sam: you're welcome?

theorris: that is one closet i don't want to see.

theorris said...

Exposure to the tie closet would blind you. It has its own gravitational field.

Anonymous said...

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ryan said...

heloooooo spammer!!! i would just like to say that you should eat rocks and die.

heh, ya gotta love those desperate enough to comment spam.

on the other hand.. Do you really think Pete is hot?? c'mon, i'm a geek, but even i know that guy is a goober when it comes to looks. if i were to stand next to him (i have) he makes me look decent even.

.. not sure how to interpret this post.