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Sunday, August 20, 2006

sunday, bloody sunday!

mixing it up a bit, aimee and i met at yuppie-bux today to discuss our love lives (definitely a conversation that must be fueled with caffeine). we sat outside and enjoyed the lack of pan-handlers and car wrecks in front of us that our usual location provides. the only person that caught my eye was a man of the cloth wearing a cell phone on his hip. a direct line to god to report my bad behavior was the first thing that came to mind. i didn't want to offend (imagine that!) so i decided to be wary of my language. when discussing relationships it's often hard to drop the profanity. needless to say, the conversation hit an all-time low today. i damn well better make it to heaven for that!


Aimee said...

I enjoyed the change of venue. Thankfully I never do anything bad so the preacher-man ain't got nothin' on me!

suzanne said...

i cant believe i wasnt invited to the yuppie-bux.

Black Coffee said...

Have you been to and named every Salt Lake Starbucks locations? If so which are your favorite? To voice my opinion I hate the 2100st south location.

Dennis said...

Bad behavior, give me a break. Your as sweet as they come ;)!

Aimee said...

Dear Black Coffee,
I hate the 21st-Southbux (that's it's name) as well.

Skinny Latte said...

I like Fort Union best because they have a drive through.