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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

google: bringing jesus, mel gibson, and i together.

this was my targeted google ad yesterday. it's nice to know that jesus loves me and i can find the purpose for life online.


That One Guy said...

and a MAC user as well!!

love it!

frankiegoestoslc said...

I want to know what the "kiss" file is.

Anonymous said...

Coach, what is the icon 2nd from the left that looks like a lemon/lime?

QB the mac mini soon to procure the macbook pro.

ak said...

So I see you figured out the keystrokes for screen shots - what are they again?

anon - icon is limewire: awesome app - integrates with itunes.

Melliferous Pants said...

Do you think Jesus loves Mel Gibson?

mini-vinnie-me said...

I've been searching for my lost sanity and for ways to fix my dodgy work ethic (nasty accident) for years. Maybe they're on Google.
Maybe God is too?