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Friday, March 07, 2008

Mountain Bound

After years and years of excuses I’m finally going to learn to snowboard this weekend. As an ex-instructor Mrs. AK has happily agreed to teach me. Being married to AK has given her enough patience that I feel comfortable with her having the patience it will take to teach a klutz like me. Plus she promised we could drink wine afterwards.

I’m still planning on being very allergic to snow, and the cold. Which is why Mrs. AK carefully chose the warmest weekend possible to go. She knows me well.

Why this year? Truthfully I've run out of valid excuses.

1994-2000 Too scared of heights to be bothered.
2001 Too cheap to spend the money.
2002 Busy finding excuses to avoid the Olympics
2003 Washing my hair. All Winter long!
2004 Sundance.
2005 Kidney stones for Christmas and a new relationship kept me too busy.
2006 The great ear infection of ’06 was enough of an excuse.
2007 Not working and couldn’t justify spending the money.

My goal is zero injuries. Wish me luck! I'll most certainly need it.


Anonymous said...

It's about damn time. You'll love it.

Melliferous Pants said...

Who are you and what have you done with Sarah?

Anonymous said...

You are going to be so sore. Snowboarding hurts. You should drink the wine during not after. It helps with the scary things like landing on your face, going out of control (remember both of your feet are attached to a slippery, flat board that is designed to haul ass down a mountain), getting hit by other patrons coming off the ski lift after you have biffed it, breaking your neck, catching an edge (this is worse than it sounds), etc., etc., etc. So anyway, have fun and be safe.

rockandcookies said...

oh. shit.

(Please stay alive)

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