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Friday, September 15, 2006

yuppie puppy

i've turned into one of those people. you know who i'm talking about--people who dress their pets. i didn't mean for it to happen, it just sorta did. my sis-in-law, holli, gave daisy a shirt a few months ago. i packed it away somewhere and forgot about it, until today. daisy has nasty allergies and scratches her belly until it bleeds. DDDD-isgusting! so i slipped her yuppie shirt on before leaving the house, hoping for a protective layer to keep her from scratching her guts out. don't worry, i flipped up her collar--my dog is a total frat brat!

ben went to have a nap at my house and called in complete and utter disgust. he thought i had gone completely mad, telling me i barely have time to dress myself in the morning, let alone a dog. (welcome to the world of over-sleepers.) i explained why daisy was in clothes. he agreed that it made sense, then told me there was no way in hell he was letting her out in a pink shirt. that's fine, i understand the embarrassment. i explained he actually could take her shirt off, at that moment we realized how creepy that sounded. needless to say, i'll be finding another remedy for her itchy belly.


PUG pal said...

Little puggie is very cute!

Anonymous said...

I have a lab that I never dress but then I'm a man. Do they make Harley clothes for dogs?

Jessi said...

OMG I forgot how cute she was. I miss her. AND YOU!

sarahbellum said...

pug pal: that's a little too much like paypal for me. BUT thanks, i don't mind her.

anon: i wouldn't know, but i really hope not!

jessi: come visit her. AND ME!

leash said...

DDD-isgusting huh? leash ref.

Candace said...

Your dog is so damn cute...I still need to meet her

mk99 said...

Yes they do make Harley clothes - hell they make everything for dogs.

Clothes - psshaw. I am away past buying clothes for my kids..errr..pets.

Call me crazy and trust me they do, but I bought a birthday cake for my dog today from Three Dog Bakery - with his name on it.