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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"we are a happy family!"

i found the below email in my inbox this morning from my favorite uncle:

"Your grandmother was bragging on you again this past weekend. It is such a reality check to realize my own mother wants to tell me about my “big brother’s” children and grandchildren more than she wants to talk about me and mine. Mom always did like your dad best.

Anyway, she shared the excitement of your newfound celebrity status. I told her you have always had celebrity status in my eyes, being the oldest and cutest of all the nieces and nephews you were such a new item nearly thirty years ago. I was still in high school when you came into this world. I can’t believe you now have worries regarding Crow’s Feet and Aging Eggs. Remember you have earned both. Grandma advised you have not quit your day job. I always knew you were smart. Your intelligence was obvious when you avoided that school in Provo so many years ago. Please don’t embarrass my mother, your mother, or one-eyed Daisy. It is ok to embarrass your dad and brothers."

this is the man i named my most beloved cabbage patch doll after in the 80's. all these years later i know i made the right choice naming it!


enter clever name here said...


You know who! said...

As you would say, "tender ever after"!

slcup said...

I loved my CPK back in the day. But looking at one now I wonder what the hell I was thinking. They're creepy looking.

Anonymous said...

Your family is supportive, not everyone is so lucky. If you were related to me I'd brag on you to!